Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessments (VA) rank a system’s weaknesses that may potentially compromise sensitive data about an organization and its clients. These typically utilize automated tools to evaluate a system’s security for known vulnerabilities.


Penetration Testing (PT) is an offensive security control wherein vulnerabilities are exploited as a simulated attack to evaluate a system’s security and the potential losses and / or damages in the event of a breach in said vulnerabilities. These are usually done after a vulnerability assessment.

VA / PT services include an evaluation of the Security Architecture and continuous VA and PT. The service is inclusive of the following:


✓ An assessment of the current application and network topology of the platform/s

✓ Identification of system and network accesses

✓ Vulnerability assessment of the web and / or mobile applications.

✓ Setting of security goals and progress reports while meeting these goals.

✓ Security testing of web and / or mobile applications.

✓ An InfoSec Awareness campaign to the organization.